Third Party Digital Advertising

    We like many advertisers take advantage of both digital and linear radio advertising.

    One study found that almost 97% of businesses that were buying radio advertising from a station were also buying some form of digital advertising; however, only 25% were buying both from the same station. That means the majority of those advertisers were missing out on these advantages of buying radio and digital from the same vendor:

    • Local expertise

               Work with a trusted salesperson who knows your business and the local advertising landscape.

    • Strategic advertising options

               Run cross-channel campaigns that leverage the reach of the radio plus the specific targeting of digital.

    • Lower costs

                Make marketing dollars go further with cost-effective bundling options and fewer vendor fees.

    Our digital advertising platform gives you all those benefits, plus: 

    • A time-saving, consolidated approach

                 Provide quicker turnaround time than most marketing agencies by seamlessly handling your airtime and digital needs with one platform, one process, and one team.

    • A single platform for all your advertising needs

               Move easily from proposal to completing an order to managing a campaign and viewing reporting.

    • Ads that reach customers from awareness to purchase

               Share a consistent brand message across media channels to reach consumers throughout their buying journey.

    • Customizable proposals for airtime and digital

               Dynamic proposal outputs are ready to present and share with clients based on advertising needs.

    • On-demand, transparent reporting

              Comprehensive campaign performance reporting is available when you need it.

    Our digital tactics include:

    Targeted Display and video

    Geofencing and video geofencing

    Over-the-top (OTT)/ connected TV (CTV)

    More than

    47% of radio buyers

              Plan to buy a new form of marketing, with 66% likely to purchase a new type of digital marketing

    Radio Ads and Digital Are the Perfect Pair

              Delivering ad ideas and tactics that meet your customers’ objectives is your priority. You can do that better with digital + radio.

    Let us here at Rock97-9FM show you how!